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Schenectady Insuring Agency Providing Insurance Solutions Since 1913
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Planning for the unexpected moments in your
life is our business

Life’s unexpected moments—auto accidents, property damage, claims against your business—can happen to anyone at any time. During these times, dealing with your insurance company can be confusing, complex, and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. The keys to successfully handling these unexpected moments include proper planning and working with agents you can trust.

That’s where Schenectady Insuring Agency can help. During our nearly 100 years in business, Schenectady Insuring Agency (SIA) has developed a wide-ranging expertise serving the insurance needs of Capital Region businesses and families. Our insurance know-how will help you from the moment you purchase a new policy right through the settlement of a claim. 
Our agents work with you not only to fully understand your unique insurance needs, but to identify the coverage that best meet those needs and the policy(s) that provides the best coverage at the best price. Over time, our agents can help you identify and minimize risks—ultimately lowering your premiums. And most importantly, during a claim situation, our agents will expertly facilitate the claims process and secure the best possible settlement for you.
Life brings many unexpected moments—learn how Schenectady Insuring Agency can help you handle yours.